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Aluminium Body Repairs

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We are experts at aluminium repairs.

With the accelerating demand for more fuel efficiency and less polluting vehicles, the use of aluminium in car design is becoming more and more popular. It’s strong and lightweight characteristics ensure it will continue to be used in car construction for some time to come.

Fastlane, London’s finest body repairer, has been at the forefront of aluminium repairs for a long time. Today, we are one of very few body shops in the UK that can offer structural aluminium repairs.

We have separate booths for repairing aluminium on vehicles, so that there is absolutely no risk of cross contamination of materials. This is because repair work for steel and aluminium must always be kept separate to avoid galvanic corrosion.

All our aluminium booths are dust protected. Furthermore, we have separate tool settings which are used only on aluminium repairs. They are cleaned and maintained in line with the strictest manufacturers and industry guidelines. Because of this specialist knowledge at Fastlane of the aluminium repair process, more and more customers entrust us with their aluminium repairs.

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