13 01, 2020

Peter and Dessie


Peter and Dessie fell into the category of "egits". They were to the motor trade what City bankers are to compassion and the greater good. They had carved out a 20-year career specialising in buying and selling "dubious" used cars by walking a very thin line which veered between illegal and unbelievable. [...]

13 01, 2020

Le Mans 2015: Porsche Victorious


Wow! Did anyone really think they would do it - this year? Tom Walkinshaw, my old boss in the "Chariots " Porsche days, said when he took Jaguar back to Le Mans in the late 1980's: "First race to see what breaks - second time to finish - third time [...]

13 01, 2020

A Porsche 356 and a ‘Simple’ Motor Trader


A special breed “traders” are. Traders are the middle men who traditionally buy unwanted part exchanges from car dealerships around the country. Many are exceptionally bright, inventive individuals who work hard and make a good living. Many are not. This end of the market can often attract the lazy ex-salesman [...]

19 12, 2019

Building a Strong Customer Base


When I stared the Porsche business in Hertfordshire in the mid 80's for Tom Walkinshaw, one of the basics for marketing the new business, which we agreed upon, was to have some sort of involvement in motor sport. Porsche’s reputation for making sports cars, which set the bench mark in [...]

19 12, 2019

DeLorean’s Funding Fun


Having a long-standing relationship with Fastlane, initially through their Porsche Approved Repair status when I was running Porsche Centre Hatfield, I pop in from time to time to take advantage of their hospitality, but also to see what's going on in their workshops. The consistent quality of their work over [...]