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Electric Car Repairs

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We are equipped to repair the cars of the future.

Fastlane was one of the very first body shops in the UK to get involved with Hybrid vehicle repairs. Many manufacturers involved with this advanced technology were rightly concerned at the potential risk to those working on and repairing these ingenious vehicles, and generally trained only their own most experienced and qualified technicians for these jobs.

Fastlane recognized the potential for alternative power sources at a very early stage, and involved our technical team in intensive Manufacturers training to ensure we were at the forefront of this technology going forward. Currently, only about 3% of our total car market ( worldwide ) consists of electric vehicles, but industry experts believe that over the next 10 years this figure could rise to a massive 25% .

Part of the reason for these projections is “Lithium “.  Lithium is the lightest solid element on earth, and has double the energy density of its next closest alternative. Plus, it is also extremely abundant.

Also, with the tremendous pace of technological advancement we see the driving ‘range ‘ potential of electric cars rapidly increasing ( with Tesla at the forefront ) : battery costs are also reducing as we see volumes increasing, and battery charging points becoming more numerous, accessible and innovative.

We at Fastlane think the Industry volume projections over the next  10 years could well be modest – especially in the UK.
With the pace of technological change and improvement in battery ‘range’, and plans already in place involving Manufacturers and governments rolling out new charging points in more and more locations, the ‘concerns’ which we may have against electric vehicles will soon be a thing of the past.

And at Fastlane, we are ready for it!

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