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Paintless dent repair is more of an art than a skill.

At Fastlane our technicians are not just trained to carry out paintless dent repair, they have many years of experience. Our expertly trained staff will be able to tell by looking at the damage on your vehicle whether paintless dent repair will be a suitable option for you. This depends on a number of factors analysed by our staff. Paintless dent repair is an ideal option in the dent removal industry and, if it is appropriate for your situation, completely eliminates the need for paint respraying or touching up of any kind.

We use fluorescent lighting or a light-reflection board to ensure we can see all the shadows created by the dent, enabling us to remove the damage accurately. This light-reflection board is an integral part of the process and puts our PDR team one step ahead of the game. Fastlane has invested in the latest equipment necessary for Aluminium repairs and is authorised to carry out structural aluminium repairs, this ensures that we are able to repair a huge variety of vehicles.

Paintless Dent Repair is not something that can be learned over night. Here at Fastlane we pride ourselves on our experience in this field. Our many years of experience give us all the tools necessary to recondition any car back to its original state. Because of the confidence instilled within our team in PDR we have the opportunity to work on some of the most luxurious and high end cars on the market. We perform the highest quality of repair on the highest quality of products. Fastlane has the answer to all of your dent removal needs.

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