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Paint repairs & resprays

Respraying and repairing paint on your vehicle can be a difficult and tiresome process. But here at Fastlane we can assure you that we have mastered this craft and are able to fullfill all your paint and respray needs in a timely manner. When we paint a car at Fastlane, we don't just match the colour closely, we match it exactly.

At Fastlane, we will only accept a paint finish that is 100% perfect. We are one of an increasingly smaller number of bodyshops who insist on blending the adjacent panels on any repair to guarantee colour matching. Plus, we go to great lengths to match the lacquer and shine on your vehicle, regardless of its age or whether it has been resprayed or repaired before. If you have customised paintwork - even if it is the only vehicle in the world with that particular colour - we will be able to repair it for you perfectly ensuring the colour match.

At Fastlane, we also always apply an extra coat of lacquer. This is because all of our vehicles go through an intensive machine polishing stage before the panels are refitted. It takes one person a full day to polish a whole car. This is why our paintwork is of the highest standard, and many customers choose Fastlane to respray their vehicles. We use the same paint which is used in the factories of our approved manufacturers - but we can also offer customised paint finishes to match your needs. Any colour on the spectrum is made available through our outstanding paint repairs and respray service.

If you would like any more information please call us on 01727 852 147 or 01344 622 267 or 01483 570 570 or email us at customerservice@fastlanepab.co.uk.

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