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Aluminium repairs

Aluminium is becoming popular in car design because of its lightweight characteristics that enable better handling, acceleration, and fuel economy to the vehicle. It is safe to say that aluminium is the future of car construction and design. Fastlane has foreseen this trend and is equipped to conduct only the finest quality aluminium repairs.

Fastlane is one of only a handful of bodyshops in the UK that can offer structural aluminium repairs. We have a completely separate booth for repairing aluminium on vehicles so that there is absolutely no risk of cross contamination of materials; the repair work for steel and aluminium must always be kept separate to avoid galvanic corrosion. Our aluminium booth is protected from dust and we have a complete set of tools which are only used for working with aluminium which are cleaned and maintained in line with the highest body repairer industry standards.

As more and more prestige vehicles are being built in aluminium, including the Audi A8, R8, new TT, new Range Rover, the Porsche Panamera, 981 Boxster and Cayenne, many new BMWs, and the Jaguar XJ, Fastlane specialise and have invested heavily in this process and is an independent specialist for both skills and technology.

Our aluminium car repairers provide expert repairs for all relevant Audi, Porsche, BMW and Jaguar models. All our technicians are ATA aluminium and manufacturer approved aluminium repairers.

At Fastlane we provide top quality aluminium repairs and ensure that your luxury vehicle will look exactly as it did before the incident occurred. We give customers only the highest standard of quality repairs and services and are confident that we can comply with all of your Aluminium needs.

If you have any questions about our aluminium vehicle repairs please call us on 01727 852 147 or 01344 622 267 or email us at customerservice@fastlanepab.co.uk.

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With reference to the recent wheel repair work on my Porsche 911 which was completed by Adam and his colleagues at your St Albans branch. Another excellent job. — David Casson