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Alloy wheel refurbishment

Restore your factory settings - with perfect alloy wheel refurbishment from Fastlane. . An alloy refurbishment can give your vehicle the extra flare you’ve been looking for, and really enhance your cars exterior.  

At Fastlane we return your alloy wheels to the same finish and quality they were in when they left the factory. We also guarantee they will not flake, as cheaper repairs will do as soon as the heat from the brake dust hits the surface.

The difference? We strip the wheels by hand and repair any scratches or dents. We use professional wheel enamel to coat the alloy, which is then baked in a low-bake oven. Finally, we quality check each wheel individually. At Fastlane we combine all of these processes to create an alloy refurbishment system that not only transforms your car back to its original condition, but keeps it that way for years to come.

We can supply tyres if these are required, at competitive rates and then we re-balance the tyres before the wheels are re-fitted to the car. This ensures that your vehicle will be in the best possible condition when it leaves our shop.

For more information about our alloy wheel refurbishment services, call us today on 01727 852 147 or 01344 622 267 or 01483 570 570 or email us at customerservice@fastlanepab.co.uk.

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With reference to the recent wheel repair work on my Porsche 911 which was completed by Adam and his colleagues at your St Albans branch. Another excellent job. — David Casson