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Auditors :- The ‘big four’ and the motor trade

• By: Perry Robb

With the recent accounting debacles concerning the collapse or near collapse of numerous huge businesses like Carillion, Interserve and Patisserie Val…

Mercedes – Benz Brentford Bodyshop relocation

• By: admin

As most of you may already be aware, earlier this year Fastlane Paint and Body Group negotiated with Daimler AG the purchase of their Mercedes –…

Problems fixed and problems created

• By: Perry Robb

I was in Fastlane Elstree recently sitting beside a lady who was collecting her car after it had been repaired.  She had a bit of a sorry tail to tel…

All hail the VW ‘Beetle’ (or is it the ‘Bucket’?): by Perry Robb

• By: Perry Robb

What do you mean ‘the Bucket’ did I hear you say? Well, that’s what the designer of the Volkswagen ‘Beetle’ called the v…

The ‘Brigadier General’: Bluffer in Chief

• By: Perry Robb

In the 70’s and 80’s the ‘Brigadier General’ ran the biggest and best known used car business in and around London. He client …

Old Sam

• By: Perry Robb

J.E. Coulters was my first place of work and the main Ford dealership in which the bold Constantine Rogan had introduced me to the finer machinations …

volvo car

Volvo XC40 – the Georg Jensen of Compact SUV’s

• By: Perry Robb

The Volvo name has always meant two things to me – quality and strength. In the 70’s and 80’s Volvos were the first choice of car for ev…

sinclair car

Driverless Cars – the New Sinclair C5?

• By: Perry Robb

I know I’m closer to meeting my old ‘maker’ than many people, but is it me or are those ‘clever’ people who are currentl…

women in fur coat

All Fur Coat and No Knickers (Part 2)

• By: Perry Robb

The other chinless wonder lived slightly closer to home – let’s call him ‘Lord Edward Coates’. We used his family manor for va…